Bluestone Paving

Bluestone-Paving offers its excellent service to all customers across the ACT region. We take care of new, old or existing paving projects that need planning, fixing or installation. At Bluestone Paving, quality assurance is our core principle but care and consideration is our prime norm.  For us, all our clients deserve full dedication, care, and unparalleled service.


Residential Paving

Working on some of Canberra's most beautiful homes, Bluestone Paving has been bringing that added depth and superior design aesthetic to residential projects. We can sourcing exquisite natural stone products from around the country, and we walk the homeowners through the planning phase of the project to ultimately let their imaginations guide the design. 

As a genuine and reliable service provider, Bluestone Paving prides itself on best in class service. Our employees are true craftsmen, taking any project from ordinary to incredible. The marks of their talent, skill, and dedication to customer satisfaction can be found across ACT.


Maintenance & Repair Works

Beyond new projects, Bluestone Paving’s maintenance capabilities are extensive. Ready to go around the clock, we hold numerous long term contracts with our customers and enthused to work on your project too.


Why old pavers become uneven after a few years?

Pavers start to sink naturally after15-20 years and some times tree roots cause disturbance and pavers start to become uneven. The solution is to lift off existing pavers, compact the ground under, screed the area with new levels and falls and install them back. This method adds years of life to your existing pavers if done properly.


Why choose Bluestone Paving Professionals?

A paving project is similar to building a house. Pavers need a solid base built with the right materials to last for 20-30 years. The base of the pavers work the same as the foundation of the house. The stronger the base, the better the quality of your paving project and the longer it will last. 

It's crucial to use a minimum of 70 mm up to 150 mm roadbase, depending on the type and condition of the project. For an outdoor area suitable for light traffic needs 70 mm roadbase whereas, a driveway requires 150 mm of roadbase to resist the force exerted by vehicles. Anything else in between will require different amounts depending on the use and the nature of the area.

Secondly, the roadbase must be thoroughly compacted using plate compactor or another form of machine compactor to strengthen the base. The build-up of the base has to happen in two or three phases if more than 70 mm. That is to compact the area after each round of build-up. This way the base will be systematically compacted and strengthened for the second step. 


Bluestone Paving specialises in small and larger size residential projects. Please contact us to discuss your project and to organise a free quote.


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